NetEnt is a casino software developing company based in Sweden and focuses on producing a wide array of games including a wide variety of slots. Slots from this developer are on the game lobby of many online casinos in Europe and other places around the world. One of the reasons NetEnt slots are among the players' favourites is because of the fun and entertainment it offers as well as its awesome payouts. Throughout this guide, we'll be giving you tips that can be very useful in boosting your winnings chances on NetEnt slots. Go to 1netentcasino to read NetEnt slot reviews.

Understanding the Role of Volatility and RTP

Many professional players often point out that the volatility of a slot is the most important thing to consider when you want to make a decision to choose a slot you are going to play. Volatility or variance as it is often called is a term which refers to the probability of you winning a game. In technical terms, it's the risk level you take when you play a slot. Any casino game including NetEnt slots can be one of three volatility. It can be a medium, high or low volatile slot. Some of the best casinos where you can play different NetEnt slots are listed on .

  • Go for games with low volatility levels.
  • Check what the RTP rate of a NetEnt slot is before you decide to play it.

A slot that falls in the category of high volatility game will offer you a chance to win huge prizes. However, do not expect to make this winning frequently. If you want frequent small wins from NetEnt slots, then the right choice will be those that fall under the category of low volatility games. Medium volatility games are more or less in between high and low volatility games. From the explanation made here, you can see that it is always a better option to go for low volatility slots. However, there is nothing stopping you from playing high volatility slots but you need to know the risks involved.

Return to Player written as RTP for short is another factor to consider whenever you want to make the decision of choosing a NetEnt slot. RTP is defined as the theoretical amount (in percentage) of all placed bets on a game, which you and all the other players can get back from that game in its lifespan. For instance, a slot with RTP of 97% will pay back $97 assuming all the bets placed on the game is $100. For this reason, going for games with a high RTP value is always the best. NetEnt slots have really good RTP values between 92% to 98%.


Claim Good Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses can also do the trick of increasing your chances to make a win when playing a NetEnt slot. There are several types of casino bonuses offered by top online casinos. This includes free spins, match bonus, welcome bonus, and free plays. And these bonuses can be categorized as no deposit and deposit bonuses. By claiming a good casino bonus, you will have a slightly bigger bankroll. One thing many players do not know is that the more rounds you play on a game especially slots, the higher the chances that you'll win something from the game.

And since bonuses are usually free rewards, you'll not be risking much money. At this point, we need to point out that you should always read through the bonus terms before you proceed to claim any bonus offer. Casino bonuses have what is called a wagering requirement which specifies the number of times the casino requires you to wager the bonus before you will be permitted to withdraw its winnings. Going for bonuses with lower wagering requirement always trumps high wagering requirement because it shows the real value of the bonus. If you follow our tips, you can get lucky and land a really big win on NetEnt slots.